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Paul Croushore, JD, LLM
Master of Laws - Attorney at Law
Appellate Counsel
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Appellate work is very different from trial work. Though an appellate advocate should be a competent trial attorney, not all trial attorneys should be appellate advocates. Paul Croushore's overall successful direct appeal reversal rate is 48.3% Only 11.8% of federal civil appellate decisions are reversals nationally, but Paul Croushore has secured reversals in 40% of his federal civil appeals. Similarly, 7.2% of federal criminal appellate decisions are reversals nationally, but Paul's reversal rate for defendants on direct appeals is 47%.

At the state level, 17.6% of civil appeals result in reversals by the court of appeals for Cincinnati and Hamilton County, Ohio; Paul has succeeded 47.4% of the time in getting the trial court reversed in state civil cases. In criminal cases he has done even better: 53% of criminal direct appeals by him have been reversed, compared to the Cincinnati average of 10.6%.

Technical skill, while important, is not enough. There are many competent lawyers, but only a few who succeed in convincing appellate judges to make their trial court colleagues re-try or revise a case that has been decided. Very few are willing to discuss their success rates or publish all of their appellate decisions for your review. Please feel free to examine all of Paul's cases on the tab marked "Direct Appeals."

Paul is admitted in the U.S. Supreme Court, U.S. Tax Court, U.S. Court of Federal Claims, U.S. Court of International Trade, and the U.S. Fifth, Sixth, and Ninth Circuit Courts of Appeal, as well as the federal and state trial courts of Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. He is an Author for Moore's Federal Practice, Chapters 208 - Complex Appeals, and 207 - Practice in the Federal Circuit.

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